Lost In Limbo…No More!


Ok, so this post has barely anything to do with writing, but it is a must. I am no longer lost in limbo! So far, my story has been one mostly of sitting in my mother’s living room in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, watching tv and checking Facebook or Pinterest and trying to find the motivation (and usually failing) to work out. NO MORE! I am pleased to announce that I just received my acceptance letter to Emerson College’s Writing, Publishing, and Editing program as a late birthday present (my birthday was on Tues!).

I cannot even describe how excited I am right now. Moving to Boston has been my goal for the past three years, and now I am only a few steps away from achieving it! I cannot wait to submerge myself into the program that will help me grow so much as a writer and open so many doors for me. And to be in such a gorgeous city complete with haunted hotels, Red Sox, and karaoke bars galore!

And what am I going to do to celebrate this achievement, you may ask? Buy books of course! Thanks to a very good friend’s amazing birthday gift of a $50 NOOK giftcard, I will be rolling in the literature. But I will leave you with a picture I took recently in the Boston gardens while I was there for my birthday. Happy day!!!



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