I hope you had a good night,

As the rain misted down,

And kissed the dry ground,

And showed the moon a softer sight.

I hope you laughed and you danced,

That the beat of your heart

Wasn’t too far apart

From the dream that you dream of romance.

I hope you heard music play,

That it touched you inside.

Maybe it made you cry

As the melody pulled you away.

I hope that it felt like home,

That your blistered feet

Left the soggy street

With no trace of the ache of the alone.

I hope you thought of me,

Of a just-missed kiss

That confusion dismissed,

Along with thoughts of what might be.

I hope it was with a smile

That you maybe looked back

On the days we basked

In our pool of naivety a while.

I don’t ask for your love to grow.

We were young and on fire,

And Cupid conspired.

It was over before he strung arrow to bow.

All I ask is a memory,

Out of focus,

Almost unnoticed,

The last in the night to be seen.



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