Gospel of Life

Across the water, the land, the divides.
Where the raindrops whisper, and the wind confides.
In the midst of swaying fields that ripple and hum.
Sheltered in the cool forest from the embracing sun.
Far away in corners that time itself forgot,
Remote ruins the brave long ago once sought.
Atop mountains and cliffs where the snow bares its teeth.
Down deep in valleys and caves that conceal the jewels underneath.
Woven into tapestries.
Carved into stairs.
Bowed to in temples.
Proclaimed in town squares.
Written in blood.
Written in sand.
Written on paper by a trembling hand.
Under the open sky where every star shines bright.
Looking up to the dark, at the clouds with their muddled insight.
The same song is sung in the thunder and the rainbow.
The same heart beats in all, whether sunbeam or shadow.


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