Freedom Undefined

Wind in trees, tickling the leaves until they finally wrap arms around their middles and roll over the ground. A season game, and the wind laughs.

A forest brook, giggling and chattering away amidst the serenity, discontent with the quiet. Unabashedly welcoming its animals to drink in.

One solitary sparrow with a constant song, flying from place to place only to sing, disregarding if anyone listens. The bird who values the song, not the audience.

The innocent child, playing in the field. Mindless. Careless. The child brings back a flower and gives it away, a present for the first frown. Pretty or pensive?

A flag, flapping gaily in that playful wind. Proud and strong. Ready for hope or harm.

A void, stretching out to the darkness. Never-ending. Unstoppable and Undefined.


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