So What is #1lineWed for Writers?

So, yesterday was my first time participating in Twitter’s #1lineWed weekly event. (I think it’s every Wednesday…don’t quote me on that, dear readers. I’m new to this.) As I looked up the instructions, it seemed simple enough. Here were the rules, as I took them:

  1. Follow the theme of the week. This one happened to be NAMES.
  2. Find a line (or lines!) from your novel or work in progress that you deemed on point.
  3. Tweet said line with the hashtag #1lineWed.
  4. Wait and see the retweet’s and fav’s begin.

Seems easy as wading into a kiddie pool, right? WRONG!

Before even looking at my own writing, I went to the search bar and decided to check out what everyone else was posting. Let me tell you, the intimidation set in pretty quickly. Of course, with the theme of Names, I had started thinking like a reader instead of a writer. I dredged up the memories of all of my characters, the towns and settings, even animals. Once the other entries were sitting there before me, I was kind of disgusted by the sad, waterlogged box my imagination had been trapped in.

But did I let that stop me? HELL NO! I pulled up my two WIPs (works in progress) and begin furiously searching the manuscripts. Now, I’ll be honest, I still did a fair bit of typical name-tagging. It is my first time, after all. But there were a few tweets that I found myself really enjoying, having forgotten about them through the writing process.

Did I go overboard with the number of tweets? Possibly. I am still a little unclear exactly how many lines one is supposed to select for this event before looking like a linguistically-obsessed narcissist. However, as I was going through my manuscripts, I found choosing only a couple “best” lines was like the ever-problematic case of choosing your “favorite” book. It just couldn’t be done.

And what did I settle on as my favorite part of #1lineWed? If this truly is a weekly Wednesday event – which I promise to uncover the truth of soon – I think I love the fact that the theme will change every time I participate! This means I can go between absolutely anything I am working on. I can go back to works I have finished yet not published. Or I can search through something I am writing at that exact moment. There is a pearl in any ugly, unformed oyster I have yet to perfect. It is also nice to, just once in a while, to see those fav’s or retweet’s to pop up.

As writers, we slave over our work. We self-critique, doubt, and punish ourselves daily. It’s very rewarding to get a thumbs-up, even if it’s just for one line.


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