#PitchWars 2015 Mentee Bio

HELLO #PitchWars MENTORS!!!!!

For those of you reading this who are not mentors, but innocent blog-goers, I am taking part in a Twitter contest called #Pitchwars where certain authors/editors choose a writer to guide through the manuscript editing process before sending them along to agents two months later in hopes that they will be selected for representation. It’s been a crazy ride so far, and I am now posting why I believe I should be selected!

Anywho, back to those AMAZING mentors who have been kind enough to donate their time and energy.


I’ll start with the genre I’m submitting to: Young Adult!!!!!

My manuscript is high fantasy, though I write in various YA genres. I love to write and read in so many different YA waters, that it really was hard to decide which of my WIPs to submit to this contest. In the end, though, Amethyst Eyes was the manuscript I felt sufficiently polished enough to present to you all. It contains both dark and light magic, familiar and brand new mythical creatures, girl/girl and boy/boy friendships, romance subplots, family struggles, sudden deaths, and a castle!

Soooo? What do you think? Sounding awesome? Are we best friends yet?


I know, I know. You need more. That’s understandable. For starters, who exactly is this girl asking you to take on her story as your #1 pet project? Here it goes!


I’m originally a FL girl who ran away to California right after high school to join a performing group called The Young Americans. With this group, I spent two years overseas teaching students in the UK and Japan through music and dance. After such an amazing experience, I’m now in Boston as a senior at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, & Publishing. As a copyeditor for four of Emerson’s campus publications, it’s clear I’m obsessed with words. I can’t get enough of them really. It’s an addiction. I was lucky enough to recently find an internship with the amazing Becca Heyman at Rebecca Faith Editorial, and have been soaking in everything possible about the writing world and finding my part in it. Every day I think I find a reason to believe I’ll never stop learning something new. Did that sound cheesy? Yup, cheesy. Let me just go get some wine to go with it, and I’m happy!

And what will you get from me as a mentee? Here’s where the fun gif portion of the bio comes in!

  1. We shall have, of course, start off with celebratory cake. It’s standard protocol.cake
  2. And we shall dance the dance of the awesome, for this is our mentor/mentee group’s right.                                                      pink shirt dance
  3. And we will watch FANTASTIC shows like Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy, Psych, and so much more because, as you can see from this entire bio, I am awash with the dorkiness.

But ok, on to a more serious side (See? A bulleted list! This means it’s serious). Here is what you will get from me should you choose me for this editing process:

  • Perseverance: I will work my ass off when it comes to making my writing the best it can be.
  • Humility: I know my work is not perfect. Do I love the work I’ve already done? Yes. Am I willing to stand by it and refuse to acknowledge that it needs a hammer and chisel in some areas? Hell no! You give me work to do, and I’ll dive in headfirst.
  • Developmental Editing: I’m a line edits girl, so my manuscript probably doesn’t have a crazy amount of nitpicky cleaning needed on that side. What I know I do need is some help with the bigger picture elements. There are some sections (like secondary character friendships with my MC or certain plot stalling chapters that seem to drag a tiny bit) that I know might need a little umph!
  • Teamwork: I understand this isn’t just about me sitting there and having you give me a TO DO LIST and saying “Ok, go!” This is a back and forth, a swapping of ideas and feelings on things. Do we cut scenes? Do we add lines? Do we kill someone? (Am I still talking about the manuscript? AM I???) I’m not looking for a taskmaster. And I don’t think any of you are looking for a slave. This is a fellowship of the final draft! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.
  • Friendship: I love meeting people who get the writing obsession. It’s not easy explaining to “normal people” (pardon the term. I quite enjoy not being normal), that I indulge in a life that builds from creating fictional happenstances. Once I find someone to share this pastime and gush about our collective craziness with? I doubt you’ll be able to get rid of me for a LONG time.

To sum it up…



I know right? Great plan. If not, well, we could still have epic Twitter chats. It could be fun. I’ll say hi. You’ll say hi. Everyone will be jealous at how cool we are. Think about it.


ANYWAY! When you see my submission, if you like what you’re reading, here are the instructions. I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I do:

want take have

Please? Pretty PRETTY please with fantastical beasties, bad guys that maybe aren’t bad, heartrending character deaths, singing, and series potential on top! And with that………….


PS: check out the other crazy talented mentee applicants at the linky below!



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