#P2P16 Writer’s Contest

I’m so excited to announce that I will be participating as an editor in this round of the Pitch to Publication writer’s contest!

What is Pitch to Publication 2016 (#p2p16)?

A contest for completed manuscripts by authors ready for feedback from a group of established freelance editors. Authors submit their query and first five pages to three editors of their choice. Editors then select one or two (depending on how in love they are!) manuscripts for five weeks of intensive editing and feedback. Then, in the December Agent Round, top literary agents will request manuscripts they want to see more of!


October 22nd: Writers will have a 24-hour window to submit their entries, starting at noon EST.

October 31st: Author-Editor pairs announced, Author-Editor teams begin editing process.

December 2nd: Editing round ENDS, and authors submit revised queries & excerpts for the agent round.

December 5th: Agent round begins. Requests for fulls will be announced on Twitter on Friday, December 9th.

For more contest details, see Samantha Fountain’s website at pitch2pub.com/node/6 or see the latest updates on her Twitter, @FountainWriter.


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