#AskEditor #P2P16 Schedule

Entering Pitch To Publication but still have some questions for the editors? Here’s your chance!

Each editor is taking two sessions (30 min. each) Oct. 17-21 to answer your questions! This is the moment to clarify what genres they accept, find out what tropes they love and hate, and also learn who these awesome people are! Below is a schedule showing which slot each editor is scheduled in. Make sure to use hashtags #AskEditor as well as the #p2p16 to participate.

Monday, Oct. 17

11am – Amber Jones Barry

12pm – Meg LaTorre-Snyder

1pm – Ellen Brock

2pm – Kyra M Nelson

6pm – Alana Saltz

7pm – Cassandra Brown

8pm – Nicole Frail-Magda

9pm – Lindsay Schlegel

10pm – Christopher Nugent


Tuesday, Oct. 18

11am – Kimberly Smith Ashley

12pm – Victoria Griffin

1pm – Carly Bornstein

7pm – Kaitlyn Johnson

8pm – Kisa Whipkey

9pm – Stephanie Eding

10pm – Sione Aeschliman


Wednesday, Oct. 19

11am – Elizabeth Buege

12pm – Kyra M Nelson

1pm – Ellen Brock

7pm – Carly Bornstein

8pm – Kaitlyn Johnson

9pm – Cassandra Brown


Thursday, Oct. 20

11am – Victoria Griffin

12pm – Kimberly Smith Ashley

1pm – Stephanie Eding

2pm – Elizabeth Buege

7pm – Sione Aeschliman

8pm – Lindsay Schlegel

9pm – Alana Saltz


Friday, Oct. 21

11am – Kisa Whipkey

12pm – Meg LaTorre-Snyder

1pm – Amber Jones Barry

8pm – Christopher Nugent

9pm – Nicole Frail-Magda


To see any and all information concerning this #p2p16, check out Samantha Fountain’s website and follow along with all announcements on her Twitter!


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